World Photography Day

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World Photography Day

Did you know that today, the 19th August is World Photography Day? Did you also know, that Steven Pellier is an absolute photography novice?

Well last week I had the great honour & pleasure, to be invited to a photography workshop at the Mandarin Oriental London, hosted by the fabulous, internationally acclaimed reportage photographer & Olympus Ambassador John Nassari.

So just a few days before World Photography Day, I arrived at the beautiful Mandarin Oriental Hotel excited and ready to start Johns photography workshop, where we were going to learn a different side to photography, in a fabulous setting with some exciting exercises.

The day started with a very interesting and intriguing slide show, of some amazing photos that John is compiling, for a very special event next year.  A set of stunning photos were revealed, a mix between reportage and posed portraits.  But, how on earth does this man take such amazing photos – in fact how does any professional photographer take these wonderful pieces of art, a snapshot of a moment in time, of memories set to last a lifetime?

A steady hand? – maybe, Skill and a good eye? Absolutely! Science? – no I don’t think so …. What! Science is an important part of taking a photo – indeed it is, it plays a very important role, mixed with semiotics the science of aperture and shutter speed is pivotal to the outcome of any photo.

After we spent time, learning all about the background of how to take a photo and what we need to do, it was time to play with the cameras!!!!

We paired up with a partner and we were off, taking photos of each other with varying apertures and shutter speeds.  After a few initial shaky (& blurry) photos, I actually got it and the results were absolutely fabulous.  We changed our lenses and I discovered the flowers in the flower arrangements, focusing on a single rose, whilst the surrounding arrangement blurred into the background – stunning!

John then had a little surprise / challenge for us.  We were allowed to go to the front of the hotel, to take some real life photos of the concierge team in action, with the best photographer in training selected to win a prize – very exciting!

We had to take the most imaginative and striking photo of the concierge team in action, whilst they went about their everyday work, welcoming arriving guests and wishing farewell to departing guests. Their whole job revolving 360 degrees around ensuring that all of the guests received an outstanding first impression and an ever lasting superb memory, of how fabulous their stay was at the hotel when they leave.

6 sets of two people, mixed with professional cameras, a top 5 star London hotel and taking photos of cars arriving as well as the main entrance, on a very busy road in central London attracts one thing – excitement from passers by, jumping to the conclusions that we were press and paparazzi, poised and ready to take photos of a celebrity or dignitary, arriving or leaving the hotel! Unfortunately not – just a bunch of wedding and event planners playing with cameras.

We returned inside the hotel, to review all of our photos and we all did jolly well – surprisingly so for me, a complete novice who would have struggled before today, to tell whether the camera was the right way up, actually took some pretty good photos – (modest!).

The day was superb, incredibly informative and thoroughly enjoyable. I have learnt so much and have a huge amount of respect and appreciation, to all of the brilliant & professional photographers that we work with at Steven Pellier Weddings, whether we are your London wedding planner or are helping to plan your wedding throughout the UK, in the Algarve or another destination around the world, you can be assured that we can recommend the most sought after and acclaimed photographers for your wedding.

Thank you John Nassari, a truly wonderful and educating day, I’m no longer just a wedding planner in London, throughout the UK & the Algarve but I’m now a photography pro too – well almost maybe?!?!

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