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Steven Pellier masterminds the creation of unparalleled, world-renowned weddings in London, throughout the UK and internationally, for some of the world’s most discerning clientele.

Each and every wedding that we design, plan and manage is approached as a bespoke collaboration between our team and our clients. We work with you on your initial plans and ideas to evolve them into a truly spectacular, luxurious wedding in a glorious setting with epicurean cuisine, beautiful floral designs, glistening candlelight and the most meticulous attention, to the finest details.

With Steven Pellier and his teams professional, friendly and halcyon demeanour and approach to your wedding, you will instantly be able to rely upon and trust that we will provide all the necessary expertise and requirements, to remove the pressure from you and your families and to not only create the most amazing and joyful day of your life, but an incredibly enjoyable and relaxing experience throughout the whole wedding planning process.

How Can we Help?

Why not Contact Us to arrange a complimentary consultation with Steven Pellier, to discuss your event planning in London, throughout the UK or at an amazing destination around the world.