March Industry Insider – Eight Ray Music

March Industry Insider – Eight Ray Music

Starting this month, I would like to introduce you to Steven Pellier Weddings & Events Industry Insiders.  Each month we will introduce you to suppliers in the weddings and events industry with whom we work closely with & admire.  In an interview style format, where Steven Pellier asks our industry insiders about the work they do & how they do it, giving you an insight into our creative world & how Steven Pellier your London wedding planner or one of our preferred suppliers may be able to help you, with your next wedding or event.


March sees us exploring the fascinating, eclectic & exciting world of entertainment, with the Founder & Director, of one of our favourite premium live music entertainment agency’s, Eight Ray Music….




1) Who are you and what do you do?


Hi my name’s Jayson Jaurigue but everyone knows me as JJ! I am the Founder and Director of premium live music entertainment agency, Eight Ray Music.


2) What is your background in entertainment?


I’ve been involved in entertainment since I can remember. My first performance was during a school assembly, I was six years old and performed House of the Rising Sun by Animals.


I’ve loved entertaining people with my music ever since and went on to become a professional musician. So far I have performed at over 1,500 events, from small scale stuff as a young musician to performing in-front of 8,000 people, at premiership footballer’s weddings, huge corporate parties and even supporting Ed Sheeran!


This has given me an in-depth understanding of how crucial entertainment is to the success of an event. From my eclectic experience I also have a great appreciation for how to provide exceptional entertainment no matter where you are performing.


3) How did you first start in the wedding and events entertainment sector?


As a young musician of around fifteen I started by performing at local parties, bars and friend’s weddings. When I left school I saved up for my first PA system, as luck would have it the thing blew up on the first gig!


At the beginning, my Dad would drive me to gigs and act as my roadie – helping to set up the equipment. So it took a lot of hard-work and determination to get anywhere.


From these humble beginnings my career started to pick up when I signed to a subsidiary of the Sony BMG record label, through this opportunity and travelling with my music I built an extensive network of contacts in the events and entertainment industry.


4) Which other exclusive brands have you worked with?


We have worked with many amazing brands and companies in the last 5 years.


We’re currently working with Red Bull and Red Eye Events for a number of Formula One events and are extremely excited to be attending the Monaco Grand Prix this year where Eight Ray will be providing the entertainment at the Princess of Monaco’s party!


We have also just started working with the stunning five star Four Seasons Ten Trinity Square hotel, where we will provide live music four days a week and for private events.


On top of that, we’re excited to be performing at nine events for MINI this year and one of our exclusive acts, DUKE, will be helping promote MINI’s latest global campaign.


2017 will also see Eight Ray Music venture into the UAE market thanks to our relationship with GEM Global Event Management who are the leading events company in the UAE – so watch this space!


There’s too many to mention but we’re also working closely with Soho Farmhouse where we have recently become the preferred entertainment supplier. We’re excited that this will see us work with some more of their 5-star members clubs!


5) Who is your typical client?


Our typical clients are planners of big events. Think luxury, corporate, VIP and private events. We’re also proud to work with a number of exceptional venues and hospitality providers.


6) Which venues in the UK do you love working in?


In the UK there are so many venues we love to work with. My top three at present would have to be the new Four Seasons Ten Trinity. The meticulous attention to detail in the hotel from the beauty of the interior to the staff’s mentality is an absolute pleasure to work alongside. It makes sure we’re always on top of our game.


Another venue I greatly admire is Blenheim Palace. It’s a beautiful building with true history and prestige. We are working on a big wedding there this year where our client has booked our 10-piece orchestra for the wedding breakfast, so that’s incredibly exciting.


Soho Farmhouse is also in my top three. The entire location is stunning and it’s the perfect venue for a country wedding.  


 7) Do you provide your services internationally? If so, where in the world is your favourite venue?


Yes we do, our acts love working abroad!


The Monaco Grand Prix week is such an amazing time. Performing on Superyachts is always fun.


In terms of weddings, One&Only The Palm in Dubai is such a special venue. 


8) What are the upcoming trends in the entertainment world?




All our clients are demanding bigger, better and more slick performances. It isn’t anything new but we are raising the bar with it. We have recently created four new showbands in the last six months and we are delivering shows where we are focussing on the production value as much as the performance.


It’s about understanding that our clients want the highest quality entertainment. I can’t wait to show you guys what we have in store for you next year, so ask me this question again this time next year please!


9) What are the biggest challenges of your work?


I think running your own business there are always challenges, but I love it. Decisions are being made all the time. So the biggest challenge for me is to get to where I want Eight Ray to be in 10 years from now. Bring it on!


10) What do you enjoy most about your work?


Developing raw talent which is one of our core values. I love the creative side of the business. Being able to see and scout talent and then develop them into an act that we can sell to market is always exciting. The feeling I get when I see and hear a singer or musician perform and I know they just have that star quality and potential is always amazing.


11) Who would you most like to work for and why?


Any planners who need exceptional entertainment for top events or weddings. We also love working with high-end venues, 5-star hotels, private members clubs that sort of thing. If you need the best in live music entertainment we want to work with you!


12)   What’s the most exciting element of your industry?


Most exciting element would have to be the diverse range of briefs we get for an event and also working with such passionate and creative people in the industry. A lot of our clients love what they do and are so knowledgeable and passionate about planning an event. The events and gigs we go to as well are always fun and exciting, well the one’s I can remember anyway.




A huge thank you to JJ, for taking the time to answer Steven’s industry insider questions.  Eight Ray Music, as I am sure you will agree are an incredibly talented, professional & high quality entertainment agency, they work all over the world with amazing acts & are a company we truly admire and can highly recommend.  Why not visit Eight Ray Music’s website to find out a great deal more & see how they can help with your entertainment needs at your wedding or next event.


We are known as your wedding planner London but also offer wedding and event planning services in London, throughout the UK and internationally, so please feel free to contact our team by emailing or calling us on 0207 760 7553


In next months Industry insider, we are discussing all things floral, with the incredibly talented, highly sought after and wonderful personality that is Amie Bone – come back and visit our Industry Insider in April!

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