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Exciting Venue Visit…

In July, I was invited to join the team at One Whitehall Place & The Royal Horseguards Hotel, by the fabulous Melissa Goldberg in association with Louise Perry Weddings.


Having not visited the hotel or adjoining event space at One Whitehall Place before, I was excited & intrigued, so quickly accepted the invitation & couldn’t wait to have a good nose around.


As I arrived at the hotel, I was taken through to a gorgeous terrace, an oasis of calm by the river Thames in London however, you really could have been in the middle of the countryside as it was so very peaceful.  Comfortable outside furniture and champagne greeted us, as the three piece band played gently in the background – absolutely idyllic!


The events team then took us on a little tour of all of the event spaces, explaining the relationship between the two venues and wowing us with the buildings astonishing history, including the remarkable survival of the building, after slight bomb damage to the staircase only, during the Second World War.


The event spaces are located across a couple of floors & are reached by a magnificent oval shaped sweeping marble staircase. Each of the event spaces vary in size, up to a capacity of 300 people in The Gladstone Library, named after the Right Hon. W. E. Gladstone.  One Whitehall Place was original built & is still used to this day, by the Liberals from all over the UK when they are in London and is decorated in a very traditional way, which gives you the sense that you are in one of the countries great country houses or stately homes.  The different rooms flow beautifully together, so really do lend themselves to all being used for your wedding or event, in a way that could tell your story throughout the day in a logical way, equally however, each of the rooms work just as brilliantly on their own, if that’s how you wish to use the space.


We were taken back through to The Royal Horseguards Hotel, via the adjoining foyer.  As we walked across the reception space, you can immediately see that the hotel has been sympathetically and carefully refurbished back to its former Victorian splendour, all the way down to the original floor tiles.  Whilst walking through the hotel, you can really immerse yourself in the history of the building, which used to be the HQ of the Secret Service during the First World War.  The hotel boasts gorgeously appointed bedrooms and suites, a selection of fine dining restaurants, a comfortable lounge & a new cocktail bar, as well as the previously mentioned idyllic terrace, which backs onto Whitehall Park and the River Thames beyond.


Our tour concluded on the terrace, where we enjoyed a delectable selection of food & relaxed to the sounds of the band before departing for the evening, excited for the next opportunity we would have to visit again.


If you would like to arrange a visit to One Whitehall Place & The Royal Horseguards Hotel, or to discuss wedding planning with Steven Pellier, your wedding planner in London, throughout the UK or in the Algarve, please do not hesitate to contact us today.


Festive or New Year Proposal?

Festive or New Year Proposal? Choose Only the Best Wedding Planner in London.


Welcome back! The majority of you will be well into the new year of work and the Christmas break (if you had one at all) will seem like a distant memory. January can be a solemn month. The weather’s not great, money is often tight and the general come down after Christmas has really started to set in, but it was all worth it! The festive period is considered one of, if not the most romantic times of the year and many choose the occasion to take the plunge and ask for their partner’s hand in marriage. If you are one of those lucky people then now is the time to start thinking about planning your wedding. Not only is preplanning your wedding advisable to ensure that your special day is just that, but it can significantly lesson the gloom of January.


Highly Recommended and Renowned Wedding Planner in London


Bride and GroomIf you ask anyone who has had to plan their big day, they will tell you that although waves of excitement and elation come in bounds there are many mixed emotions that can follow. Feelings of trepidation, apprehension and worry that everything is as it should be and the day goes to plan. Many would agree that one of the difficulties is trying to please everyone which as we all know is considered impossible, but if you choose Steven Pellier Weddings as your wedding planner in London, throughout the UK or abroad, you can be confident that your wedding or event will be planned and executed to perfection.


Our ability to achieve the best results is partly down to our experience of wedding planning and hospitality. This experience stems from our founder Steven Pellier’s introduction into hospitality services in his teens and from there he has developed into a veteran within the hospitality sector, with vast knowledge of what works and what proves popular with the majority of guests. This is part of what solidifies our reputation as an esteemed and trusted wedding planner in London.


Excellent Attention to Detail and Personalised Service


We understand that your wedding day is personal to you and more than any other day should reflect you and your partner’s character and personality, which is why we ensure that we work closely with each and every one of our clients. We listen to your requirements intently and ensure that before we start helping you to organise your wedding, we have all the necessary information and a clear understanding of what you desire for your big day.


The most important thing to remember, is that this is your wedding not ours, which is why you are in complete control every step of the way, while we will help and advise, with our in depth knowledge and experience and by helping you choose the best, most reliable suppliers from our amazing book of contacts.


Contacting Steven Pellier Weddings


Don’t let the idea of your upcoming wedding fill you with dread. We want you to be fully relaxed about your big day without having to worry about all the particulars. With Steven Pellier Weddings, all of your concerns will be quashed leaving you to focus on you and your loved ones.


Please feel free to contact Steven Pellier Weddings on 0207 760 7553 for an informal chat. Alternatively, fill out the contact form featured on the Contact Us page of our website and we will call you back.