Festive or New Year Proposal?

Festive or New Year Proposal? Choose Only the Best Wedding Planner in London.


Welcome back! The majority of you will be well into the new year of work and the Christmas break (if you had one at all) will seem like a distant memory. January can be a solemn month. The weather’s not great, money is often tight and the general come down after Christmas has really started to set in, but it was all worth it! The festive period is considered one of, if not the most romantic times of the year and many choose the occasion to take the plunge and ask for their partner’s hand in marriage. If you are one of those lucky people then now is the time to start thinking about planning your wedding. Not only is preplanning your wedding advisable to ensure that your special day is just that, but it can significantly lesson the gloom of January.


Highly Recommended and Renowned Wedding Planner in London


Bride and GroomIf you ask anyone who has had to plan their big day, they will tell you that although waves of excitement and elation come in bounds there are many mixed emotions that can follow. Feelings of trepidation, apprehension and worry that everything is as it should be and the day goes to plan. Many would agree that one of the difficulties is trying to please everyone which as we all know is considered impossible, but if you choose Steven Pellier Weddings as your wedding planner in London, throughout the UK or abroad, you can be confident that your wedding or event will be planned and executed to perfection.


Our ability to achieve the best results is partly down to our experience of wedding planning and hospitality. This experience stems from our founder Steven Pellier’s introduction into hospitality services in his teens and from there he has developed into a veteran within the hospitality sector, with vast knowledge of what works and what proves popular with the majority of guests. This is part of what solidifies our reputation as an esteemed and trusted wedding planner in London.


Excellent Attention to Detail and Personalised Service


We understand that your wedding day is personal to you and more than any other day should reflect you and your partner’s character and personality, which is why we ensure that we work closely with each and every one of our clients. We listen to your requirements intently and ensure that before we start helping you to organise your wedding, we have all the necessary information and a clear understanding of what you desire for your big day.


The most important thing to remember, is that this is your wedding not ours, which is why you are in complete control every step of the way, while we will help and advise, with our in depth knowledge and experience and by helping you choose the best, most reliable suppliers from our amazing book of contacts.


Contacting Steven Pellier Weddings


Don’t let the idea of your upcoming wedding fill you with dread. We want you to be fully relaxed about your big day without having to worry about all the particulars. With Steven Pellier Weddings, all of your concerns will be quashed leaving you to focus on you and your loved ones.


Please feel free to contact Steven Pellier Weddings on 0207 760 7553 for an informal chat. Alternatively, fill out the contact form featured on the Contact Us page of our website and we will call you back.



Steven Pellier Weddings Logo

Our company logo – The Steven Pellier Weddings coat of arms, was born from an idea and much observation of our director Steven, by one of his closest friends and celebrated designers, Shelley Rand.


Where did the idea come from?


When Steven first thought about logo design to represent his brand and personality, he could think of no one better than Shelley to design this masterpiece, (which Steven often refers to as the Steven Pellier coat of arms).


Shelley took all of the elements that made up some of Steven’s personality, particularly his love of horses, which he grew up with via his mothers love for horse riding and polo. Champagne, which is always flowing at Stevens personal parties and the purple wings which represent his calming, graceful and refined way of working, tying all of the logo elements together with ease.


When asked about her design, Shelley commented:


“Steven’s philosophy is that everyone deserves a little luxury, and his logo was designed to reflect that high-end aesthetic.  His attention to detail and love of beautiful things was the starting point for imagery research.  Few things say celebration as iconically as champagne, and when Steven hosts his own parties as well as the odd polo match picnic, his effortless unfaltering attention to the grandeur of the occasion and the finer details, reminds me of this logo”.


“What Steven does is mastermind a creative solution for his clients, an intimate peek inside their dreams and wishes, and he adds the luxury on top – his logo is dynamic like himself – I was proud to be asked to get involved”


Shelley Rand (Mrs.)


We hope that you love the logo as much as we do, it really does describe our brand in a snap shot, as well as Stevens personality and passion for wedding planning and design, and our unfaltering dedication to all of our clients whatever and wherever the occasion.


To discuss wedding planning in London, throughout the UK or abroad, simply complete the contact us page on our website, call 0207 760 7553 or email us